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Turn your restaurant into a unique place with a fresh approach to cuisine. Be a creator of emotions. Amaze your customers or guests. Present your dishes in a different way.
You have style, and we have yours. Break the norms, surpass traditions, and create the surprise of a convivial moment.
All our products are made from high-quality materials to ensure a long lifespan.
Never before has so much been invented for the table.


Spice up your senses, enhance your preparations as well as the presentation of your creations with our robots, slicers, grinders, mandolins, graters, scales, cooking plates, thermometers… All our utensils are designed for intensive, daily, and professional use, in the kitchen or in pastry. Let’s bring your ideas to life together.

Kitchen utensils

Utensils are the soul of food.
Utensils are the soul of food. From mixing bowls to spatulas, whisks, and knives, they are designed to be the natural extension of the hand, offering ergonomics and ease of use. Chop and slice vegetables, cut sushi, debone meat, beat egg whites, skim broth—immerse yourself in the world of high-quality utensils.
Discover our range of professional knives, sharpeners, and honers, carefully selected to meet all needs.

Cookware Sets

The art of cooking and simmering a sauce, sautéing vegetables, searing meat, reheating a dish, requires mastering the precise cooking of ingredients. Our pans, sauté pans, casseroles, copper pots, stainless steel, aluminum, non-stick… will meet all your needs and ensure a professional cooking quality to delight the taste buds of the young and old alike.

Hygiene and disinfection

The hygiene and safety of staff, cleanliness of equipment and workspaces ensure the health protection of your customers. Traceability, brushes; protective equipment, dishwasher products; tablets and cleaning products for ovens, coffee machines, floors, and surfaces… meet these expectations.
We are here to support you in facilitating the implementation of hygiene standards and best practices in the kitchen.

Carts and Storage

In the context of restaurant logistics, we offer all the equipment that allows you to control the domains of: Storage, Preparation, Transport, Distribution, Service, Regeneration, Conveying.
Our extensive range of carts will suit any type of kitchen, whether it’s traditional, themed, fast-food, catering, or institutional.

Did you know?

We also understand the importance of hygiene and disinfection in the kitchen, which is why we have a range of products to help maintain a clean and safe kitchen for our customers.

Art de la table

Diversity and Accessibility

Every brand, every model, and for every budget.

For Individuals…

At home, you may not necessarily require equipment optimized for professionals with higher prices.

That’s why our extensive range of products caters not only to professionals but also offers you a more affordable choice without compromising on quality.

… and for Professionals.

Your restaurant or commercial activity’s primary goal is to satisfy your customers.

To present a well-kept environment and offer the best quality to your clientele, it’s essential to acquire equipment composed of superior quality elements and functionality.

Our Range of Products

Our Services

Our range of products for kitchen service provision is designed to meet the needs of professionals in the restaurant and culinary industry.

We’re confident that our products will help you achieve the best results in your kitchen and impress your customers or guests with delicious and well-presented dishes.

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Art de la Table is an established supplier of high-quality kitchen utensils and tableware. With an extensive selection of items ranging from modern to classic, we provide all the supplies you need to create a stunning look for your kitchen or table.

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Price is forgotten, quality remains.

– Michel Audiard

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– High Quality: The kitchen utensils and tableware provided by our company are made from top-quality materials, ensuring their durability and longevity.

– Efficient Design: Our kitchen utensils and tableware are designed for maximum efficiency, featuring ergonomic handles, non-stick surfaces, and even heat distribution for optimal performance.

– Versatile Use: Our kitchen utensils and tableware can be used for various cooking methods, including boiling, simmering, roasting, baking, frying, grilling, and many more! They are also suitable for serving food. They are also suitable for food service.

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Small equipment for both individuals and professionals.

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